Beware The Horror

The Woman in Black (2012)

The Woman In Black

Director: James Watkins
Producers: Richard Jackson, Simon Oakes, Brian Oliver
Stars:  Daniel Radcliffe, Ciarán Hinds, Janet McTeer, Liz White

Based on Susan Hill’s 1983 novel of the same name.

During afternoon tea,
 there’s a shift in the air,
 a bone-trembling chill,
 that tells you she’s there.

There are those who believe,
 the whole town is cursed,
 but the house in the marsh,
 is by far the worst.

What she wants is unknown,
 but she always comes back,
 the spectre of darkness,
 the Women in Black.

The Woman in Black is a story about Arthur Kipps’ encounter with, well, a woman who happens to be wearing black, so in that sense it is pretty straightforward. Arthur Kipps, a widowed solicitor—yes, a lawyer, whose grief has put his career in jeopardy. Needing to pay the bills, he accept a job in a small town far from home. He is sent to an unpleasantly town named Crythin Gifford by his boss who is sort of a jerk, to orchestrate the sale of Eel Marsh House and retrieve any relevant documents left by the recently deceased eccentric owner, Alice Drablow.

So this should be pretty simple, right? Wrong.


 Oh look, there’s the place where Harry and Dumbledore found the first Horcrux.

Eel Marsh House, once the tide comes in, is cut off from the rest of civilization, so Kipss has no choice to either stop early enough to leave before the tide comes in or decide to stay the night in the house—Oh, yeah, that sounds like a great idea. He tries it both ways, but decides that by staying over he will have more time to finish the job, after all he’s trying to impress his boss.

Sam Daily doesn’t think this is such a hot idea tho. But Arthur insists, so Mr. Daily lends out his dog, Spider. Spider is kind of small, but hey—any company is good company, right? Unless, that is, it’s a creepy woman in black. Here’s a tip: if someone has a nice, friendly dog—I’d say 80% of the time—a clue that they’re a good person.


Come on. Eel Marsh House, the large, forbidding house where Alice Drablow lived out the last of her days, is obviously haunted.

After some terrifying encounters and things that go bump in the night (way to stay overnight at the creepy house, Arthur), he finally reaches the conclusion that Eel Marsh is haunted by a ghost. He ask questions but receive a few answers. He finds some letters at the house and the letters starts to fill in the gaps. He soon realizes who the ghost is and why she is still… there.

Think it’s over? Think you’ve put the evil to rest? Think again. There’s a sequel.


Use your wand, Harry!

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